Monday - Friday: 7:00am - 9:00pm
MRI 8am-1pm
CT 8am-1pm
US 8am-4pm
XR 8am-12pm
Mammo 8am-3pm
NM 8am-4pm

*Closing time and hours differ by exam type, please call center to verify or make an appointment.

Our mammograms and MRIs in Southlake are only a few of our complete list of services. Whether you need a routine checkup or you are experiencing chronic pain, our expert staff in Southlake, Texas, is prepared to handle any case. Using different technologies, we can help you live your life comfortably and overcome any injuries.

Mammograms are a routine screening that helps detect and protect against breast cancer. Mammograms scan breast tissue for cancer cells that would typically go undetected by physicians. Regular scans are critical to detecting breast cancer early on and preventing any symptoms. We also perform diagnostic screenings for women who have already experienced symptoms of breast cancer.

MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, scans through soft tissues in the body using magnetic and radio waves. With this technology, physicians can analyze the spine, brain, joints and other organs. The clear images that MRI scans provide help doctors find any problem areas or injuries.

Contact us to schedule an MRI or mammogram in Southlake or read about our complete list of services provided. Learn about the latest technology and what to expect during the procedure.

Envision Imaging at Southlake

Diagnostic Imaging Center in Southlake, TX

At Envision Imaging at Southlake, our team of radiologists and healthcare professionals specialize in state-of-the-art imaging and provide the highest quality patient care in the marketplace. We provide diagnostically superior images, short scan times, fast appointments, and outstanding guest comfort. We excel in both quality of care as well as superb hospitality and patient experience. We pride ourselves on enhancing the quality of your health and your life through our exceptional services and education.

Envision Southlake Imaging Center Imaging at Southlake is revolutionizing imaging with the foundation of efficiency and consistency. Our promise to our community is unmistakable quality and spectacular service. Once you try us we think you’ll agree that Envision Imaging at Southlake has “raised the bar” of service and quality.

Envision Imaging’s mission is to provide “customer delight” for its patients, to support our referring physicians in a way that enhances the efficiency of their medical practices and to remain a cut above any other MRI, X-Ray, and ultrasound imaging center in the area anything else available in the area. The Envision Southlake Imaging team is a group that has joined together, combining their professional expertise in medical diagnostic imaging, to meet the unique healthcare needs of this community. We have hand-picked a staff possessing over 80 years in the industry. From scheduling your appointment through reporting results, our goal is to exceed physician and patient needs.

When you choose Envision Imaging at Southlake, you will enjoy:

  • Speaking directly with a professional (not a machine) when you call the center.
  • The flexibility of same day, early and late day appointment scheduling.
  • Excellent customer services.
  • A warm and welcoming environment as you walk through the door.
  • Having professionals care about you as a whole person, being attuned to your specific needs, exceeding your expectations, and helping to find the medical answers you need.
  • Complimentary refreshments & WiFi service.

Envision Southlake Imaging Imaging at Southlake offers imaging services in MRI, CT, Ultrasound, X-Ray, Bone Density, Mammography, Nuclear Medicine and Fluoroscopy. The MRI is located in a room filled with light and windows creating a bright serene location.

Our most valuable service is our customer service. Once you try us, we think you’ll agree.

Come to experience the Envision Imaging difference.

Why Envision Imaging at Southlake Experience the Envision Imaging Difference

In a time of fast-paced, impersonal medical services, Envision Southlake Imaging Center Envision Imaging at Southlake has committed to making sure that your imaging experience is as warm and enjoyable as possible. Our X-Ray and ultrasound imaging center We have has revolutionized diagnostic imaging, raising the bar on what you can expect from your imaging provider…

We work together with you to ensure that:

good faith estimate
Insurance coordination is completed accurately.
calendar icon in green
Your appointment is as convenient as possible (scheduling and timing).
memorable experience
You have a memorable, special guest experience.
You have the tools and resources you need to live a full and healthy life on an ongoing basis.
Patients are treated with the utmost respect.
We are committed to being timely, friendly, and helpful.
Our services are in elegant, light-filled, comfortable offices.
We cater to your needs with compassion and promise to make your imaging experience pleasant and accurate.

Envision Southlake Imaging at Southlake offers the highest quality X-rays, MRI Scans, CAT Scans, Mammograms and other medical services in the marketplace. At our MRI and ultrasound imaging center, we not only provide the very best in imaging services but also strive to enhance the health and quality of life of our patients through our varied services and educational information. We invite you to visit us to experience our hospitality and expertise, and to see for yourself why we are the market leaders in quality of care and patient satisfaction!