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MyImages Online

myImages Online gives you the flexibility to access images and reports from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. You are able to share images and reports while conveniently storing them in one, secure location.

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User Guide
AMBRA Viewer Toolbar Guide
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Compliance & Security

Need Help?

We are available to help with any questions! Please see our Frequently Asked Questions section below, or contact us via e-mail if you still need assistance. We will respond to your message as soon as possible during our core business hours. Thank you for understanding!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add a dependent or spouse to my account?

Each patient has their own individual account. You will have the ability to access a minor child’s account by completing the activation by using the child’s personal information and your cell or email associated with the child’s account. If you are unsure if your email and/or cell is on your child’s account, please contact us at:

Why are my images not in my portal?

How far back can I see my imaging?

Why is my report not available?

You will be able to view your report as soon as it is available.  If it has been more than three business days, please contact us at:

Please note:

  • Your referring physician will schedule your follow up appointment to review your imaging exam.
  • Your imaging center is not able to consult with you regarding your images or reports.

Do I need a separate login if I’ve had imaging at two or more of your imaging locations?

No, you will not need a separate login if your imaging was performed at one of our centers within the same state.  However, if you’ve had imaging completed at our centers across different states (e.g. Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas and/or Louisiana), please contact us at:

My name has changed; how do I consolidate all of my imaging under one login?

Please contact us at to make changes to your personal information or to merge two patient accounts.

How do I remove my account and all data from my Patient Portal?

Please contact Ambra Support and request that your account be removed, including all images and reports. Ambra support is available at (888) 315-0790 or

How can a friend or family member sign up for the patient portal?

Can I view my images or reports at any time?

Yes, your images are available if your last exam was after March 15, 2020 and you provided us with your email and/or cell number. Please follow the instructions at to login and view your records.

How do I make changes to my personal information?

I get an error message saying “In order to use this service, you must have a unique cell phone or email address in your patient record.” How do I get that fixed?

What is a "share code"?

share code is a unique code that an organization uses to send or receive images from another Ambra organization. This would be used if you are sharing your images with a hospital or physician’s practice that uses AMBRA.

How do I get a "share code"?

The hospital or physician’s office that is requesting your images via a share code will provide the share code to you.