Prostate MR Scan

A magnetic resonance or MR scan is the process of taking images of the prostate to detect abnormalities. The MR scanner uses a powerful magnet, radio waves and a computer to produce detailed images of organs and other structures.

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When Should You Consider a Prostate MR Scan?

An MR prostate scan helps your doctor determine if cancer is present and its level of aggression. You may qualify or wish to consider an MR scan for prostate cancer if you are:

  • Determining if you need a biopsy after an abnormal screening test or exhibiting symptoms.
  • Locating target areas most likely to contain cancer before a biopsy.
  • Guiding the needles to the correct location during a prostate biopsy.
  • Identifying the stage of the cancer present.

Our Service Benefits

MR scans of the prostate produce extremely accurate images to help clinicians diagnose various prostate diseases. Clinicians can also combine the images from a prostate scan with post-processing software to give clinicians access to detailed information to make accurate diagnoses and treatment plans.

Additional benefits of a prostate MR scan include:

  • Prostate MR scans are noninvasive and do not expose patients to radiation.
  • MR images of soft tissues capture more detail than other imaging methods.
  • MR scans can help clinicians diagnose a wide range of conditions in the prostate, such as cancer and benign conditions.
  • Clinicians can use MR scans to determine the growth rate of cancer.
  • The MR scan is more efficient at detecting abnormalities hidden by bone than other scanning methods.
  • The contrast material for MR scans is less likely to create an allergic reaction compared to iodine-based materials in X-rays and CT scans.

What to Expect During a Prostate MR Scan

Before you begin your prostate MR scan, your clinician will walk through each step of the procedure with you to ensure you are comfortable. You will also receive a patient prep procedure — such as restricting your diet for a period before the exam — that a clinician will go over with you in detail when you schedule your MR scan.

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