Revolutionizing MRI with the SIGNA™ Hero 3.0T

The SIGNA Hero 3.0T is the fastest, quietest, most comfortable outpatient MRI in the world.

Colorado Springs Imaging East is excited to announce the global debut of the SIGNA Hero 3.0T as part of our comprehensive suite of imaging services. Our new technology allows for targeted imaging, sharper images, and shorter scan times for an enhanced patient experience.

Enhanced Experience

Exams up to 50% faster

Uncompromised high-resolution motion reduction software

Reduced patient adjustments with whole body workflow

Advanced functionality for all of your specialty needs

AIR™ Coils for increased versatility and comfort

Most quiet MRI in the market, gives you, the patient, more peace of mind

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GE Signa™ Hero 3.0T MRI Delivery & Installation

Watch as the SIGNA™ Hero 3.0T arrives at Colorado Springs Imaging East:


Introducing a True Hero

Find out how and why the Hero MRI gets its name.



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