Where to Get a Mammogram in Texas

Envision Imaging delivers world-class diagnostic imaging services for our patients located throughout Texas. We use the highest quality digital mammograms to ensure consistently accurate images and results.

While our team of technologists places a strong emphasis on revolutionizing diagnostic imaging, we also focus on delivering compassionate care and a responsive, pleasant experience.

Your health and quality of life are important to us. So, when you need mammogram services in Texas, you can count on us to be by your side from start to finish.

Our Texas Locations

At Envision Imaging, we have several different locations in Texas that offer mammogram services:

Types of Mammograms Available at Our Locations in Texas

No matter which of the above Texas locations is most convenient for you to visit, we’ll have a variety of mammograms available to best meet your needs. Our digital mammograms, which take low-dose X-rays of the breast, can be used as a diagnostic tool if you are experiencing any symptoms or as a screening tool for early breast cancer detection. Unlike older systems, these kinds of digital mammograms help locate and diagnose nodules long before they can be felt.

Our digital mammogram types include:

Diagnostic Mammograms

Diagnostic mammograms are used if you have any abnormal clinical findings. This can include symptoms such as:

  • Skin dimpling.
  • Lump(s).
  • Nipple discharge.

Screening Mammograms

Screening mammograms are used to detect breast cancer as early as possible. These mammograms are performed annually as a regular preventive health care screening program — even if you don’t show any symptoms or signs of breast cancer.

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3D Mammograms

3D mammograms deliver a three-dimensional image of the breast, allowing radiologists to see more detail and abnormalities. This advanced new technology also aids with early breast cancer detection by making it easier for radiologists to see the location, size and shape of any breast abnormalities.

Along with providing more clarity, even with dense breast tissue, this method leads to fewer call-backs and false positives, making the entire experience less stressful for patients.

Experience the Difference at Envision Imaging

Regardless of whether you’ll be having a diagnostic, screening or 3D mammogram done at one of our Texas locations, you can always expect:

  • The latest, cutting-edge imaging technology for diagnosing and screening.
  • A world-class team of radiologists and technologists.
  • Fast, accurate results.
  • High-quality care and high patient satisfaction.

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At Envision Imaging, we are committed to putting your needs first. With our patient-centered approach, you’ll always experience quality, compassionate care from the moment you first contact us. Also, to ensure your mammogram services are affordable, while still delivering excellence in care, we accept a wide variety of insurance plans.

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